I’m still here.

2017 was a fantastic year for me in a surprising number of ways, many expected, many not. So much happened, from buying a new house to receiving my master’s degree after two years of hard work, and all the points in between, that made it wonderful. To look at everything that has happened sometimes makes me wonder if I dreamt all of it.

I’m lucky. But I’m also older now, and maybe a shred smarter for it, because I can appreciate the things that I always should have, and let go of the things that have held me down.

In 2018, I’m continuing down the path that 2017 laid out for me, which is quite simply this:

Be true to yourself.

Over the years, I’ve made resolution after resolution on January 1st trying to be a better person, or the ideal, paper-perfect one. It’s exhausting living up to other people’s expectations of what my life *should* look like when I barely know what I want for myself.

But choosing to honour myself, whether that means unashamedly embracing my dorky interests or simply telling someone to shove it when I should, this is far scarier than any single resolution I’ve ever come up with. (Other than the one that generically says “do something daring today.”)

I’ve spent years in hell, and I think I’m done being miserable constantly. I hope you’ll join me in my pursuit of insanity, and find some of your own.

– Kiki

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